22 d’oct. 2017

Foreign Affairs Spanish Minister at the BBC

Hi, world! Follow this link to watch an interview to the Foreign Affairs Spanish Minister, Alfonso Dastis, at the BBC programm Andrew Marr Show.

The Minister thinks he is in a Spanish television, but he isn't, and his voice betrays him. The interviewer is more and more astonished during the interview.

Just a pair of the lies by the Minister:

1. It isn't true that all the European Constitutions have an article like the 155 Spanish Constitution one (and we'll see whether what the Spanish Government is doing now fits in this article; see here).

2. He says that some of the October 1st pictures showing the brutality of the Spanish police are fake pictures. Obviously, they are not.

Look at the paralinguistic features of his speech. Do you think he feels comfortable, do you think he is telling the truth...?