10 de set. 2013

Onze de Setembre del 2013: Via Catalana cap a la independència

Tomorrow, September 11th, is the National Day of Catalonia. We commemorate the 1714 military defeat after a year-long siege on Barcelona. The new king, from the House of Bourbon, overrode all the political rights of Catalonia and forbade Catalan to be spoken in the Administration or taught at schools. During these 300 years of occupation of Spain on Catalonia, we Catalans have fought for our rights, on some brighter and darker periods.

This year the Catalan Way to Independence is going to take place in Catalonia (here, the Catalan Way explained, too). Hand in hand, more than 400.000 official participants (and probably many more) will defend our cultural, political and historical rights. Opinion polls show more than 50% of people would vote for secession from Spain in a referendum, and we claim that it should take place in 2014, exactly 300 years after the previously mentioned defeat. Spain has been and is today a burden for our economical and cultural development.

Thanks for your time reading this, and maybe even for your support to our cause.

(Adapted from a last year's text by Marina Miralles Mestre.)

El món dels blogs també ha fet una Via Catalana: els blogs enllaçats per la independència. Aquest blog enllaça amb Isaac.- Tobuushi.

Si teniu un blog, encara hi sou a temps. Aneu aquí.

What's up with Catalonia?

Brief history of Catalonia here in English, here in Italian, here in German and here in French (and in other languages, too, at the Wikipedia).

Today's article of our President published in the New York Times.

I per acabar aquest apunt, la Via Catalana, amb una mica d'humor i dos dels grans (l'actor Juanjo Puigcorbé i l'escriptor Quim Monzó).